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Creating beautiful, functional & affordable websites for entrepreneurs, small businesses and creatives.

Is your website design just not working for your business?

Or have you started an awesome business and don’t know where to start to create a website?

Don’t worry, I hear you! Technology and web design and building can be very overwhelming.  There are so many different options available these days that it’s shared to know where to start or even what your business actually needs.

I’ve got a simple, friendly and quick website design process that will guide you through the whole experience with ease from start to finish.  I’ll hold your hand the whole way and promise to listen to all your needs and requirements.

My aim is to build a website that is exactly what your business needs, showcasing it’s values and personality and getting you noticed online!

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My Mission

“is to create a beautiful, functional and affordable website design that will showcase the passion behind your business and that both you and your clients will LOVE!”

What to expect from my process

I like to keep projects super simple so that you can follow along with the progress from start to finish.

1. Getting Organised

First I need to make sure I have everything I need to start working my magic. This includes your creative brief, full list of website requirements and any login details if necessary.

2. Mind Mapping

I do love a good mind map! This is the bit where I will arrange all the website content into an easy to use hierarchical structure. It’s officially called a Site Map. This ensures your website visitors can find what they need quickly and easily.

3. Making Magic

Now I’m ready to start designing your beautiful website concept. I’ll show you how your website might work in a browser and how your users will interact with it.

4. The Techy Stuff

Now I really have to focus and get my geek on, turning your gorgeous design into a fully working website.  This phase is the most tricky and can sometimes require several cups of coffee 🙂

5. Let's go live

Finally, I’ll put your website through my very tight 101 point check before launching it into cyberspace. I’ll also send you all your logins and training videos so you can edit your website.

Keen to get started?

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