10 Reasons why your small business needs a website

by Aug 19, 2018

You will never regret a decision to create a website for your business and start engaging with your clients digitally. Not only will it serve to expand your customer base but it signifies to current and future customers that you’re a professional and forward-thinking operator.

Here are some great reasons why your small business needs a website

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But don’t just take our word for it, according to research undertaken by Deloitte Access Economics, small businesses that make full use of the internet with high digital engagement enjoy better business outcomes, with a $350,000 or 20% increase in annual revenue.

The report notes that small businesses with websites also have better growth prospects, more diversified sources of revenue and a bigger customer base. It also found that those with high digital engagement are:

  1. Two times more likely to be growing revenue and earn two times more revenue per employee than those with low engagement.
  2. Job creators, being four times more likely to be hiring than those with low engagement.
  3. Three times more likely to have growth as a business objective, use the internet as a critical facilitator to achieve growth and are three times more likely to be increasing investment in digital over the next year.

“While these businesses tend to prioritise survival over growth and view the internet as peripheral – increasing digital engagement can increase the efficiency of business operation, giving small business people more free time.

“Few industries will be insulated from digital disruption, where new technologies are driving competition, changing markets, increasing consumer expectations and shifting the sands of profitability in the economy.

“The report’s conclusion is that Australian small businesses must consider online strategies if they are to navigate the digital disruption of coming years.”

Digital Lemonade will deliver a polished website complete amazing content to help potential customers know you’re on the ball and an industry leader. We also offer social media integration, Mailchimp, newsletter and blog writing as well as newsletter opt-in and contact forms.

So whether you’re a small or medium business owner, a social media influencer or someone who wants to get their products or services online, Digital Lemonade has a website package tailored to your needs.

7 more reasons you need a website

  • You’ll always be open for business
  • Your customers expect you to have an online presence
  • Testimonials can sway consumer’s purchasing decision
  • All your competitors have one, or you can be the first
  • Google will direct potential customers to your website
  • It’s proof you’ve embraced the digital age
  • You can showcase products and services and post useful tutorials

Our website packages include high quality content so both your website and your content pack a punch. Shoot us an email here to discuss your project!


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