Let’s have a chat.  I’m all ears!

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DIGITAL LEMONADE is website design and development company with a passion for creating beautiful, functional and affordable websites for small to medium business that want to get their online presence ‘rocking!’.

CONTACT if you want to get in touch please do ….. I’m happy to answer any questions or if you just fancy a chat, that’s cool too.

NOT SURE YET, then feel free to stalk my social media or check out my portfolio page with my latest creations.

TOO SHY to get in touch then jump on over to my FAQ page and hopefully you’ll get all the answers there.

Just remember, that no questions is a silly question…… unless it’s ‘Do you drink coffee?’

Just in case you were wondering where my phone number is……..

My business is online, which means I primarily communicate via email allowing me to take note of all your project requests, stick to our schedule and keep the creative magic flowing. If you’d like to have a phone chat, that’s no problem! Just email me to arrange a time.

I’m looking forward to connecting with you and your fabulous buisness!